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“Thank your team for a truly excellent, top class service over a remortgage just completed especially Simply Finance who were very efficient.They will be highly recommended as far as I am concerned, in the future.”

Rosalind, Chesham

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“When I visited your website I was desperate as my finances were in a real mess. You recommended us to a mortgage adviser and through their help and patience secured a mortgage for me through a building society who were sympathetic to my needs.

“For the first time in over four years I was able to sleep at night and thank you so much for helping me out. I have recommended you to all my friends and family.”

Robert, Crawley

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“Thanks for an outstanding and efficient job. You guys are head and shoulders above all other websites I visited and the follow up from the mortgage advisers was prompt and efficient. You can be assured that I refer you to my friends as well as my clients.”

Julie, Brighton

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“I thought that I would never be able to qualify for a mortgage after my bankruptcy. You are truly miracle workers.”

John, Surrey

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“I was referred to RemortgageMe by a relative. It was at a time I needed real help in getting my financial situation in control.

“The whole process was so quick from filling in my details to the adviser calling me. I'm looking to complete on my remortgage next week.”

Peter, Nottingham

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Financial Compensation
IMPORTANT: You may be entitled to £1000s in compensation for previously mis-sold financial products such as PPI, Bank Charges etc (on average, each enquirer has 5.5 potential claims). Don't let the banks and financial institutions keep your money to pay themselves massive bonuses & pensions with! Remove the tick if you do not wish to receive information about this service.