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Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Insurance

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Short term income protection insurance does not only cover mortgage payments, it can also be used to safeguard your rent payments, utility and council tax bills or even your monthly food costs.

Unemployment Only, Accident and Sickness Only or Unemployment, Accident and Sicknes Insurance:
Unemployment cover will give protection in case of redundancy or other involuntary unemployment, as well as having to quit your job to become a full time carer for a member of your immediate family. Accident and Sickness covers you if you are unable to work due to an accident or illness. Most of our customers choose Unemployment , Accident and Sickness cover.

The excess period is the period after which eligibility for the monthly benefit will start if your claim is accepted. For example, a 30 day excess period means you have to be off for 30 days before you are eligible, and wait a further 30 days before you receive your first payment. Zero excess is also called‘Back to day one’; although you have to wait 30 days before you are eligible you will then be paid back to the first day you were off work.

The insurer you receive a quote from depends on your age and the cover you have selected. Full documentation and eligibility criteria are available during the application process.

The insurer you receive a quote from depends on your age and the cover you have selected. Full documentation and eligibility criteria are available during the application process. Please read it carefully.


We calculate the cost of our Payment Protection Insurance as a monthly cost for every £100 of monthly benefit. This number explains how much this insurance costs you each month for every £100 in benefit that you would receive each month if you made a successful claim for accident, sickness or unemployment.

For example, if the number is £5 this means that for every £5 that you pay as a monthly premium, you will get £100 for each full month that the claim lasts (after the waiting period on the policy). This number can be used to make comparisons with the cost of insurance from other providers. You should also compare the cover offered and the way in which benefits are paid out.

A typical monthly cost for Income Protection is £4 for every £100 of monthly benefit. This cost is based a 30 year-old looking to receive £1,000 a month from an accident, sickness and unemployment policy, opting for back to day one cover who will pay £40 a month. The monthly cost is inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax at the current rate of 6%

The long term IP is fantastic but depending on occupation it’s expensive, it would be good to put something briefly as we can offer a standard policy and a fantastic comprehensive one!

Long-Term income Protection (also know as long term permanent health insurance) provides a solid means of earnings protection, thus avoiding the need to rely on limited state benefits to survive should you suffer long term sickness or injury.

This form of income replacement insurance could potentially cover your earnings all the way up until you plan to retire, therefore providing long-term earnings protection and peace of mind.

It is possible to make multiple claims under the same policy so you would also be covered from the risk of long-term reoccurring illnesses or injuries. Thus, whether you were off work for 1 year at a time, for example, or for the rest of your working life your monthly income would be protected.

This form of long range financial protection can also be used as a type of long term payment protection as the monthly benefit paid by the insurer upon making a valid claim can be used for whatever purpose you decide, with long-term mortgage protection being one such example.


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